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Customize Bubble’s Searchbox Dropdown

Complete design control over the native Bubble Searchbox dropdown.

Plugin Features

Complete design control over the native Bubble Searchbox dropdown.
More Dropdown Container Customization
Customize Maximum and Minimum width, background color, and box shadows. Use this feature to make your Dropdown Container fit seamlessly into the rest of your site.
Dropdown Container Border Manipulation
Completely control this element's borders with Border Manipulation. Take control over the width, color, and radius of the borders.
Margin and Padding Control
Allows complete control over the spaces surrounding elements. Padding and margins are crucial to properly format elements.
Hover Animations
Customize the transitions for hover animations. Create professional animations on hover, to keep your users engages and impressed.
Results Items Additional Customization
In addition to all other customizations for the results items, you can also edit the padding and the background color for maximum customizability.
Results Items Font Customization
Customize all the text in your results items. Change the font, the text color, and the font size.
Results Items Hover State
Set new values to result items on hover. With this feature, change the background color, font color, and padding on hover to take control of your user interface.


This Plugin doesn't feature any elements! Design all you want without the need for elements.


To see the Detailed Documentation of all Features, Elements, Actions, and Properties, visit the
Demonstration Preview
through the Bubble UI



Sneaky game changer…

One of the few plugins I will install on all of my apps.

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