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Ultimate Animations

Introducing the first and only limitless animation plugin for Bubble. Design 100% custom animations without code.

Plugin Features

Introducing the first and only limitless animation plugin for Bubble. Design 100% custom animations without code.
Animation Override
You don't need to wait for an animation to complete in order to start the next one. Easily override in-progress animations. The most common use case is hover in & out animations!
Full Easing Library
Take complete control of how each individual animation feels by leveraging the entire CSS easing Library. Refer to easings.net to visualize all your easing options.
Complete Timing Control
Set the duration and delay of the animation down to the millisecond. This is perfect for small animation sequences and animating properties with different speeds.
Intuitive & Well Documented
Forget what you know about bubble plugins. This plugin is designed to be as user friendly, organized, and intuitive as possible. When intuition doesn't cut it, don't fear, every property includes documentation!
Looping + Direction Freedom
Set the animation to repeat a certain number of times or create an infinite animation loop. Add a delay between repeats. Toggle the YoYo option for a smooth back-and-forth repeat cycle.
Move+Width+Height Units
Choose between px, %, VH, VW, EM, REM for each of the properties. This feature is key for creating responsive animations.
Single & Multi Property Animations
With Ultimate Animations, you wont need to worry about creating tons of workflows to manage all of your property animations. Animate as many properties as you like in only 1 workflow.
Total Overflow Control
It's very common to want to hide the overflow of your target element, or the parent of the target element. Thankfully, you can do both. This is how you create masked animations and prevent horizontal scrolling.
Transform Origin Control
Control the X and Y transform origin of the animation. The behavior of Scale, Skew, and Rotation can modified with transform origin controls.
High Performance CSS Transforms
Thoughtfully developed and thoroughly tested, this plugin won't slow down your site even as you create eye-catching animations everywhere.
Mobile Ready
Animations can now be seen on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices to ensure every site visitor can experience the CSS transformations you've customized.
100% Custom Animations with No Limitations
All animations you make are completely custom, and uniquely yours. With no limitations, you have all the freedom to make creative, engaging animations for your users.


Scroll %

Exposes the percentage of the page that has been scrolled as a state. Use it to trigger animations, track engagement and much more. Lightning fast at no performance cost.


Design stunning timed animations with the oh, so powerful Timeline Element. 100% custom, unlimited possibilities, all from the comfort of the workflows tab.

Mouse Move

Choose a canvas and a target element then easily animate your target based on the users mouse movement over the canvas. This lightweight element is a head-turner.

Scroll Anchor

Create time based and scroll based animations with this small but mighty element. Outfitted with optional debug indicators to make precision animations a breeze.


To see the Detailed Documentation of all Features, Elements, Actions, and Properties, visit the
Demonstration Preview
through the Bubble UI



Sneaky game changer…

One of the few plugins I will install on all of my apps.

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